Sports Ready is a uniquely designed program to provide athletes the ability to boost his or her fitness and health based upon the demands of specific sports or after sustaining an injury. This program has two distinct themes-sports specific and injury based.


The injury Based Theme

This provides vital assistance in bridging the gap between rehab and the athlete returning to sport. Upon discharge from physical therapy or medical care, our sports physical therapist will perform an individual assessment identifying factors to determine possible impairments that will prevent a safe return to sports. After the assessment, athletes are placed in a program based on their specific individual needs.

Injury based them options:


The sports specific program

This is designed based upon the demands of each sport, required movement patterns and preventative care from the common injuries sustained from each sport. In the sports specific program, each athlete will undergo an assessment before the program begins and a PostTest upon conclusion of the program.

Our Sports Ready assessments combine the latest research and experience to recognize predisposing factors that can lead to injury such as deconditioning, muscle imbalance, fear/ anxiety and poor movement patterns with sports specific movements.

Sports Ready is offered to athletes from age 12 and up 2x/week for a month under the direct supervision of a certified specialist and available in 3 options:

  • Train with us
    Individual athletes or the entire team comes to our facility to train.
  • We come to you
    A sports performance specialist will bring all the required training equipment with them and will take a team or group of athletes through proper training and conditioning during a scheduled practice.
  • Act as a consultant
    We can create a training program that a coach or team parent can conduct. As the coach takes the team through the training sessions we can provide consistent feedback as to improving sessions.


Sports Specific Sign-up Options: