Almost every sport requires some running. Athletes that run efficiently will maximize his or her potential often performing at a higher rate without fatiguing or being setback by injuries.

Coaches can only observe a limited amount with the naked eye. When an athlete is sprinting or running at full race speed, all high-speed motion simply cannot be fully assessed by the naked eye even of the most skilled coach. Whether a recreational runner or an elite athlete, video analysis will provide insight on ways to improve mechanics. Video Analysis will help:

  • Identify inefficient running technique that may lead to energy waste and early fatigue
  • Indicate Predisposing factors that can lead to injury before an injury occurs
  • Identify mechanics that can explain why there is pain with running and provide feedback to allow for pain free running
  • Provide insight on the proper training shoes. With so many training sneakers such as barefoot to motion control wearing the proper shoe will allow for good body mechanics with running.
  • Provide ways to improve speed and efficiency within your running style
  • Maximize potential allowing for better training, practice sessions, and sports performance

For your convenience, athletes can schedule an appointment in the clinic or submit videos for analysis online. If you would like to schedule an appointment in the clinic please contact the office. For submission of videos online, please see below

Improve your Running Efficiency in 4 steps:

  1. Upload your video
  2. Fill out the brief questionnaire explaining goals, injuries, and possible impairments
  3. Choose your desired package
  4. Click & Submit your video to receive expert analysis


Instructions for Running Video Analysis

Before recording the athlete should make the following accommodations:

  • Tuck in his or her shirt
  • Run on a treadmill where the full body (head to toe) is captured throughout the entire video
  • Wear shorts that allow the knees to be visibly exposed
  • Wear normal training sneakers or sneakers that will become the desired training sneakers

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