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Whether an athlete is a Little League, High School, Collegiate or Professional Pitcher getting the most out of his body will lead to success.

Unlike other drills such as long toss and the towel drill where evidence has shown to lead to injury, pitching analysis is the only scientific method shown to improve performance. Proper pitching timing, sequencing, and body and joint positioning are all essential to maximizing potential. Coaches can only observe a limited amount with the naked eye. When an athlete is pitching, all high-speed motion simply cannot be fully assessed by the naked eye.

Instructions for Baseball Pitching Analysis

Before recording the athlete should make the following accommodations:

  • Pitch off a pitching mound. Pitching from different surfaces or terrain will affect the release angle, stride length and foot placement
  • Keep the glove on the fielding hand
  • Pitch at Game Speed
  • Utilize a camera angle where the full body (head to toe) is captured throughout the entire video

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