Having blazing speed does not always equal results in a game. Simply stated, athletes have to be able to control their speed, be able to quickly change directions and make adjustments as the game unfolds. What separates elite athletes is the ability to accelerate and decelerate quickly while making it appear effortless. Often the athletes that are unable to control their bodies during decelerating not only become injured, but are beat in their chosen sport. It is the elite athletes who have great body control and have efficient movement. These athletes are able to cut, come out of a break, or change position often leaving the player who can’t control his or her body in place. “Ankle breaking moves” or injuries from non contact are essentially because the body has lost control from trying to move a way it physically can’t handle. Mastering movement is a skill. Whether in season or offseason trying to push the body to become more agile or in the preseason trying to minimize injury proper screening with movement analysis will lead to improved speed, agility, and quickness. Movement analysis can explain why an athlete is having pain with certain movements or why an athlete is not as quick as his or her peers. Find out if you are getting the most out of your body without running a risk of injury.
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