Services Overview

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At DMV Sports Medicine Institute, we provide many resources for our athletes to succeed in health and fitness.

We understand that athletes often need some assistance in directing them in proper training techniques. It is our goal to provide the community with insightful information, services, and screening so that each athlete will maximize his or her potential. That is why we offer many options in our sports science programs. Our professionals use the latest research in science including biomechanics, exercise physiology, and movement analysis to provide our sports science science services.

Video Analysis

Whether an elite or recreational athlete, video analysis will help you become more efficient. Coaches and healthcare professionals can only observe a limited amount with the naked eye. When an athlete is running, pitching, or performing any high-speed motion the naked eye simply cannot fully asses every part of the motion. Explanations as to what may be predisposing an athlete to an injury, why they have never fully recovered from an injury, or why they have not seen the desired improvements in performance may be a simple result of bio mechanical faults that will be visible through video analysis. Simply stated, video analysis could be the most beneficial tool for any athlete to help meet his or her goals.

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DMV Sports Medicine Institute offers seminars regarding vital elements of healthy competition from the perspective of professionals within the sports and health industry. Safe and effective training will be emphasized with topics ranging from avoiding common sport-specific injuries, discussing the most efficient and functionally training methods and much more. Individuals and groups, from coaches, athletes, and even parents, can participate in this fun and learning experience that will allow for taught training methods to be implemented into personal and team workouts. DMV Sports Medicine Institute designs seminars for youth and adult athletes of all skill levels looking to improve upon their learning and playing experiences.

Seminar topics include:

  • Head & Neck Injuries
  • Dispelling Workout Myths
  • Females need to be aware of the Female Athlete Triad
  • Preventing Hamstring Strains
  • How to protect Little League Pitchers
  • …and many more

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Injury Prevention Screenings

Injury is arguably the worst part of sports participation. Unfortunately for many athletes, injuries, such as muscle strains, can be prevented. Injury prevention is at the core of DMV Sports Medicine Institute’s philosophy. Through years of experience with working with athletes and use of the latest research we are able to identify small muscle imbalances and movement dysfunctions that can predispose athletes to injuries.

Our screenings will help to identify these problems and subsequently they can be addressed before a sidelining injury occurs. Major collegiate and professional sports programs and organizations throughout the world utilize injury prevention screenings. DMV Sports Medicine Institute provides this service to athletes of all levels.

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