Foam Roll for Calves

The foam roll is a piece of exercise equipment designed to improve soft tissue extensibility. It can be viewed as a personal masseuse because she used properly it will alleviate tight muscles, trigger points, and spasms like having a massage. Being that the foam roll assist the muscles it can be used before a workout helping to prepare the muscle to work optimally or after a workout to allow for muscle recovery.

Click on the link to view how you can roll out the calves:

Foam Roll Calf

Rolling out the calves can be beneficial with calf strains, Achilles injuries, and even injuries of the foot such as plantar fascitis. Use the roll over each calf for approximately 1-2 minutes. When starting out there may be areas of the muscle that is sore/ painful. This is indicative of tight points. Try to focus on these points. As the muscle loosens up and you continue to use the foam roll it will become less and less painful.