Who likes being cold? Not too many people like being cold. The cold can be miserable, uncomfortable and even painful. But did you know there can actually be benefit from the cold? And we’re not just talking about minor benefits — we’re talking increased weight loss, increased metabolic rate, and decreased inflammation.

The body can have many benefits from cold:

Decreased inflammation: Cold reduces blood flow to your body, which can significantly reduce inflammation, swelling, and that soreness you feel after you work out. This is especially noticeable in more intense applications of cold, such as ice and cryotherapy.

Weight loss: Being cold can boost weight loss by speeding up your metabolism and increasing the amount of some calorie-burning hormones your body produces.

Increased metabolic rate: When your body gets cold, it sends instructions to your muscles to quickly expand and contract, or shiver. Shivering uses so many different muscles that it increases the amount of heat your body produces, which can significantly increase your metabolic rate.

Whether an athlete looking to recover from a workout, an individual looking to treat ailments or soreness from disorders such as tendinitis or arthritis, or an individual looking jumpstart your metabolism cryotherapy is a quick and safe modality.

Many have already experienced the benefit of cryotherapy and now so can you!

Localized Cryotherapy Pricing:

  • Single Sessions – $35
  • Weekly Membership (1 single session a week) $99/ month
    If more sessions desired each additional session  $25
  • Unlimited Membership (1 single session a day) – $175/ month
    If more than 1 session desired a day each additional session $25