DMV Sports Medicine Institute is designed by athletes, for athletes.

Our expertise through knowledge, research, and personal experience of intense physical training and beneficial health practices, makes us the embodiment of Sports, Health & Fitness ideals of today. You, as an athlete may feel tired or unmotivated during and after proper, intense physical training, but stay motivated. Sometimes you have to break down the body to achieve greater levels of physical fitness. Let DMV Sports Medicine Institute help you spread your wings and take flight towards a healthier return to sports after an injury, maximizing your sports performance or achieving a health lifestyle. Thank You for considering DMV Sports Medicine Institute. We look forward to working with you!

History of DMV Sports Medicine Institute

DMV Sports Medicine Institute was founded in 2012 to provide athletes in the D.C. metro area resources that will create a competitive edge to ultimately improve their health and sports performance.Athletes at all levels are looking for ways to improve upon, or maintain, their athletic and sports performance, however, there are few facilities dedicated to athletic and sports performance training outside of working on just sports skills (such as dribbling in basketball or soccer). DMV Sports Medicine Institute fills this void by offering a means for athletes and individuals of Washington DC metro area to receive elite training in a more accessible method than any other facility dedicated to such training and rehab. Our concepts and program designs are dedicated to all athletes and individuals who have the desire to improve or maintain their performance levels in an elite training environment.

Mission Statement

DMV Sports Medicine Institute LLC is committed to facilitating and maintaining an environment dedicated to rehab, elite athletic performance training and general health & fitness training. Safely returning athletes back to sports and increasing athletic performance with a specific focus on injury prevention is the key concentration in our rehab, program design, training methods and goals.